Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Research Argument Synthesis Paper Reflection

This paper was one of the biggest challenges I have ever had as a student. From an annotated bibliography, to eight pages, and ending with a presentation, this project had it all. I knew my stance on lowering the drinking age in the U.S. wasn't going to change even before doing all of my research. However, it was discouraging to see that there were more people who were against lowering the drinking than those who were for it. These paper pulled out all of the creativity in me to convince my audience that lowering the drinking age in the U.S. would be beneficial to the country. I not only had to refer to my sources, but to some of my personal experiences as well. Overall, the work that I put into this project not only showed my the benefits and defects of the national drinking, but it made me more passionate about the movement to better the quality of life for young adults in the U.S.

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