Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I only wear snap back hats. I also only wear a hat when my hair is too long. I am currently wearing my little sister's boyfriend's hat. He wants it back, but I am for sure wearing it all summer.

Next Year

Next year I plan on getting my instrument rating as a pilot. I also want to work part time at charter fitness. I would also like to work at Camp Long Horn again in the summer. Hopefully my grades will be just as good as they were my freshman year of college.

Biggest Fear

I guess my biggest fear would be becoming a bum. Not being financially independent would just be an embarrassment. Its like everything you've ever worked for would just be thrown away.

Favorite Sport to Watch

My favorite sport to watch is football. Nothings better than seeing a grown man get absolutely clobbered. It's really the only sport that can get me on my feet. My favorite team is the Cowboys.

Freshman Year of College

My freshman of college was interesting. I managed to visit 18 different schools. I met a lot of new people and learned how to fly a plane. I also got back into playing volleyball.


My best friend is Sean Hughes. He is absolutely hilarious. Whenever he hangout, it is the best time of our lives. I wish we went to the same college together.


My friend Jack is in the Army. He is currently stationed in Iraq. He is one of the funniest kids I've ever met. The kid can drink a beer like it's water.

The Fam

My family is awesome. I have an older sister named Margo, two older brothers named Mike and Sam, and a younger sister named Maeve. We're all over the place. Margo lives in Nebraska, Sam lives in downtown Chicago, Mike lives in New York, and Maeve and I live in Evergreen Park.

Dream Vacation

Look, everyone wants to go to Hawaii. I want to surf, snorkel, and meet Hawaiian babes. I would also like to hike up volcanoes and say that I've explored one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Favorite School Subject

My favorite subject in school is physics. To me it's a subject actually worth learning, because you can compare to what you learn in class to real life situations. There is also math involved in physics which I enjoy.


I've been playing guitar since I was in eighth grade. I have bought 2 guitars since then. I never took lessons. I go on youtube and look up tutorials on how to play songs.

Favorite Band

My favorite band is the Zac Brown Band. I went and saw them live on December 13th in grand rapids Michigan. I know how to play a few of their songs on guitar. My favorite song by the Zac Brown Band is Sweet Annie.

High School

I went to St. Rita high school. It is an all boys school with a population of about 700 students. It is located in Chicago on 79th and Western. It has been around for more than 100 years.


My gramma is 77 years. Every year she calls me and congratulates me on baptismal, communion and confirmation days. She likes to refer to me as her "favorite flavor." She is a saint.


I was born in Austin, Texas. Half my life I grew up in Dallas, Every summer I go back and visit family and work at a summer camp. The Texas flag is hanging in my room right now.

Red Bull

If there's something that gives me wings, it's Red Bull. Its actually the only thing getting me through this week. So cheers to Red Bull, you are the real MVP.

Research Argument Synthesis Paper Reflection

This paper was one of the biggest challenges I have ever had as a student. From an annotated bibliography, to eight pages, and ending with a presentation, this project had it all. I knew my stance on lowering the drinking age in the U.S. wasn't going to change even before doing all of my research. However, it was discouraging to see that there were more people who were against lowering the drinking than those who were for it. These paper pulled out all of the creativity in me to convince my audience that lowering the drinking age in the U.S. would be beneficial to the country. I not only had to refer to my sources, but to some of my personal experiences as well. Overall, the work that I put into this project not only showed my the benefits and defects of the national drinking, but it made me more passionate about the movement to better the quality of life for young adults in the U.S.

Looking Back

My experience in College Writing II this semester managed to pick at all of my weak spots as a writer. I had never written more than seven pages for a paper before, and I have never used a number of resources that were in the double digits. The challenge of researching, analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting a topic I cared deeply about seemed daunting. However, I took the challenge on day by day and realized that writing is a never ending process. Everyday I found something new that could've been added or changed to my work. Even after I turned in my final draft, I knew that there could still be some changes made to the paper. This semester help me realize that as a writer, my work is never done. I can only continue to grow as a writer, and this semester showed me that I can face the challenges ahead of me when it comes to truly understanding how to present an argument, synthesis, and idea.

Class Activites

    The actual physical set up of my College Writing II class was different than from any class I've ever had. We students sat in groups of three, and we were all facing one another. There were multiple smart boards for presentations and the computers were able to move freely. This setup was designed so that I could work together with my class mates. Sitting in pods of three gave us the ability to do book work together and peer review each others writing projects, which happened consistently throughout the school year.