Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What do you love?

I've traveled to 16 different colleges this semester. Each and every college has a way of doing its own thing, by that I mean every college I've been to has gotten me drunk in a way that was new to me. Each time has been a blast. I think that what a vacation really is: getting drunk in new and exotic place. I guess that is what I love. Being surrounded by friends or family with a cold one in my right hand whether its at a bar, lake house, or the beach. I think that's what I and everyone else wants to do with their life, at least on the weekends.
However, there are only so many places my Volkswagen can take me. Why not make the world my domain? That's why I decided to become a pilot. Pilots who fly for major airlines have huge benefits and can travel anywhere they want with whoever they want. I hope that someday I can become an airline pilot so that one day my friends, family, wife, or even kids can pick a spot on the glob like Jamaica, Paris, or Hawaii and get absolutely whacked for a weekend and live to tell about it. I reinforce this dream every time I take to the sky during my flight training.