Wednesday, January 27, 2016

4. Explain the symbolic meaning of a piece of clothing.

The hood on a coat or sweatshirt covers the head, ears, and some of the face. It is not only a form of protection, but it is also a sort of badge that one wears. On the badge is written "Don't go near me, for I am far too busy for you to get in my way." The hood blocks out the outside world so that one can have his or her attention focused on whatever matters the most in that present moment. However, the hood can serve a purpose that is less aggressive. A hood can act like a shell on a hermit crab. A person can cower themselves behind the hood as not to be seen, to be hidden from the world around them. When a person wears a hood, they appear to be dark and mysterious, but when the hood is removed, it is as if they are reborn in a way.

What does it mean when I say _____?

What does it mean when I say "happy?" When a person says "I'm so glad with my career choice. I'm so happy," I think they are in denial. I hope to be a pilot one day. That is the career choice that I have chosen that I think will make me the happiest. However, I do not actually want to be pilot. What I actually want is to be on the beach with my friends having some cold beverages. What I actually want is to go skydiving and run down the sand dunes in Colorado. Having fun is my idea of happiness.

My idea of _____ is like _____.

My idea of reading is like my idea of going to mass. Reading is tedious, boring, and makes you want to sleep. Church is very similar to that. Have you ever read a book or heard a homily that changed your life? Me neither. However, I know that reading and going to church are good for me. I may not remember every book I've read or every homily I've heard, but I know that every time I read or go to mass, it plays a small a part in the development of the person that I am today.

Just bought a piano keyboard for $20. Hopefully learning a new instrument will get me through this semester. The first song I am going to learn is called Back to Life by Giovanni.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today was a review day during my flight block. I refreshed myself on how to perform steep turns, power on, and power off stalls. In meteorology I learned how a micro burst in a thunderstorm can be hard to predict and can cause serious issues for a pilot. In college writing I learned that the best way to design a text is to first find out who the audience is.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

As we blog, we open up our ideas and opinions to others, not only so they can be shared, but so they can be judged and criticized. In order to blog one must have a sense of humility. The reason this sense of humility must be present, is because we realize that what we think about something could be flawed.  When we blog we are being honest to ourselves, as we come to the realization that who we are or what we think is not always perfect or right.

Our responsibilities to each other when we communicate derive from the knowledge of the language that is being used. I do not think our responsibility is to use a proper tone or to be serious. Communication is created when people clearly understand each other whether or not the proper tone is used or if the communication is serious. As long as the language is being used properly and what is said is honest, the communication can be clearly understood.