Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Looking Back

My experience in College Writing II this semester managed to pick at all of my weak spots as a writer. I had never written more than seven pages for a paper before, and I have never used a number of resources that were in the double digits. The challenge of researching, analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting a topic I cared deeply about seemed daunting. However, I took the challenge on day by day and realized that writing is a never ending process. Everyday I found something new that could've been added or changed to my work. Even after I turned in my final draft, I knew that there could still be some changes made to the paper. This semester help me realize that as a writer, my work is never done. I can only continue to grow as a writer, and this semester showed me that I can face the challenges ahead of me when it comes to truly understanding how to present an argument, synthesis, and idea.

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